Flash and Fire Point by Cleveland Open Cup

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Specification :

AST-201      Flash Cup Brass, insulation handle 1 Pc
AST-202.1   Burning Pipe Brass pipe, insulation handle 1 PcASY-202.2   Flash Cup Plate Steel plate 1 Pc
AST-202.3   Rash Cup Plate Support Adjustable height metal, thermometer holder 1 Pc
AST-203      Y-Connector Brass, provided with gas hose 1 PcAST-230     Bunsen Bumer Heat resources 1 Pc
AUT-237     Asbestos Wire Gauze 15x 15cm 1 Pc
AUT-605     Thermometer Range 0 – 400° C 1 Pc

Informasi Tambahan

Berat 8 kg
Dimensi 150 × 30 × 30 cm
AASHTO Standard Number


ASTM Standard Number

ASTM D117, ASTM D803, ASTM D92


1 Unit