Marshall Test

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Specifications :

AST-321      Compression machine steel frame, electric 220 V-AC, 1 HP, 1 phase, speed 2″ per minutes 1 set
AST-322      Compaction mold machined steel, plate 4″ dia 3″ high with collar and base with plate 1 set
AST-323      Stability Mold Cast alumunium, split type 4” i.d., 4” wide 1 set
AST-324      Compaction hammer machined steel, plated 10 lbs, hammer weight 18″ drop height 1 set
AST-326      Compaction pedestal wooden base with steel platen 1 set
AST-327      Compaction mold holder machined steel, quick clamping system
AST-328      Extruder steel frame, hydroulic system
AST-329      Flow meter cast alumunium, clamping bolt, with dial indicator 30 x 0.01 mm
AUT-200     Water bath stainless steel, water heater 220 V-AC thermostat 30-85 C
AUT-101.6  Proving ring 6000 lbs capacity

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Berat 200 kg
Dimensi 67 × 50 × 100 cm
AASHTO Standard Number


ASTM Standard Number

ASTM D.1559


1 Unit