Electric Direct Shear Test

For determining shearing resistance of soil sample, and operated electric 20V.

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Specifications :

TET-521      Loading Machine Consist of:
    Electric Shear Machine: welded steel frame, electric operated 220V, 200 Watt, 50 Hz. 1 pc. 25 speed gear box 0.00 to 1.2 mm/ minute.
TET-522      Loading Hanger: Machine steel, galvanized, supplied, without load. 1 pc
TET-523      Shear Box: cast alumunium box, 63.5 mm sample dia. 1 set. Porous stone, loading capacity
TET-523.1    Load: 3167 gr weight, slotted, machine steel, galvanized. 2 pcs
TET-523.2    Load: 6334 gr weight, slotted, machine steel, galvanized. 1 pc
AUT-142     Sample Tube: Machined steel, 63.5 mm dia, galvanized, with extruder. 1 set
AUT-101     Proving Ring: 200 kg capacity 1 pc
AUT-135     Dial Indicator: Range 10 mm x 0.01 mm 1 pc
AUT-137     Dial Indicator: Range 20 mm x 0.01 mm 1 pc
AUT-840    Wire Saw: 100 mm length approx. 1 pc


Informasi Tambahan

Berat 125 kg
Dimensi 130 × 25 × 130 cm
AASHTO Standard Number


ASTM Standard Number

ASTM D3080


1 Unit