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ASTM D2872, AASHTO T 240

Specifications :

  • The Rolling Thin Film Oven Test is used to obtain homogenously aged material by application of heat and air in order to simulate these effect in conventional mixing.
  • Capacity Oven 108 ltr
  • This oven is double wall construction with following inside dimension 381 mm high, the door has viewing window made of to sheet heat resistant glass.
  • The oven is vented at the top and bottom, symmetric vent have 15 cm². This oven has an air plenum as descibed specification.
  • It is also the control panel includes electronic temprature regulator with digital display.
  • The oven has built in 305 mm diameter vertical carousel to hold 8 glass sample, orifice has a 1 mm, diameter and connected to 7.6 mm length cooper.
  • Over heat protection fix in instrument.
  • Consist of :
  • Vertical Revolving Shelf Oven 1 set
  • Variable temprature oven fan type up to 200 ± 0.1°C 220 V-AC, 1400 watt, 1 ph cast alumunium rotating shelf, at 15 rpm 8 pcs
  • Sample Container
  • Glass sample container
  • Dimensions (l x w x h) : 560 x 480 x 400 mm