Cover Meter (Import by Proceq)

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Specifications :

  • Data logging and statistical evaluation
  • 2-D display of steel layout
  • Cover depth up to 185mm (manufacturer data)
  • Diameter measurement up to a cover depth of 70mm
  • Proximity indicator: optical and acoustic

Design for extreme ease of operation for basic cover to steel
reinforcement cover detection and bar sizing facilities plus a range of
invaluable roles for use in reinforced concrete condition surveys and
check measurements
Measuring range 5 mm up to 117 mm depth with single head ( 16 mm dia: 97 mm depth)
Detects up to 150 mm ( 166 mm dia. : 140 mm)
Accuracy belterthan BSI1881 : 204
Settable offset feature to allow irregular I profiled surfaces
Operates on four alkaline batteries, 50 hours use

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