Consolidation Test Set (2 Pesawat)

For determining the rate and agnitude of consolidation of soil when it is restrained laterally, loaded and drained axially.


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Specifications :

TET-511      Consolidation Frame Welded
Consist of:
TET-511.1    Frame Welded steel, 2 tests unit 1 pc
TET-511.2    Loading set 1:10 lever ratio 1 pc
TET-512       Consolidometer Brass, 65 mm sampledia, porous stone, loading cap 2 set

TET-513      Loads Slotted machined steel
Consist of:
TET-513.1    Load 830 gr 2 pcs
TET-513.2    Load 3320gr 1 pc
TET-513.3    Load 1660gr 1 pc
TET-513.4    Load 6640gr 1 pc
TET-513.5    Load 13280gr 1 pc

TET-514       Sample Tube Machined steel, 65 mm dia plated, With extruder 1 set
AUT-135       Dial lndicator Range 10 mm x 0.01mm 2 pcs
AUT-840       Wire Saw 10 cm length 1 pc

Informasi Tambahan

Berat 80 kg
Dimensi 80 × 80 × 150 cm
AASHTO Standard Number


ASTM Standard Number

ASTM D2435


1 Unit